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In 2023 we held six workshops and two field meetings, covering between them plant families, grasses, ferns and habitat surveying. We were delighted to welcome many professional participants from environmental consultancies as well as keen amateurs to all these events. The participants on the workshops receive a free copy of the appropriate booklet such as thePocket Guide to Wildflower Families.

The format of our Plant Families workshops, based on the Pocket Guide to Wildflower Families, is also being used for other workshops, such as those run by The Conservation Volunteers and Historic Scotland.  The BSBI in Wales have adopted our Plant Families approach and  have held a number of very successful meetings. For further details of our own and other BSBI events (you don't have to be a member to attend) click here 

You can also see a workshops in action on YouTube at


If you would like a workshop arranged for your area, get in touch with me, Faith, and I will see what I can do, as the format and materials are available to any member of the Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland who wants to lead a workshop and could also be adapted for other suitable workshop leaders. 



Workshop images courtesy of Peter Dahl

Posters designed by Angela Fendley

How many of the wild flowers illustrated on this website can you identify? Can you name any of the families they belong to? Perhaps if you attended one of the workshops, or studied one of the books, you could make a start . . .  

Do you know this plant?
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