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Wildflower Flowcharts  2022.  Does what it says on the cover! To identify a common and widespread species in any of twenty groups such as Orchids, Speedwells, Buttercups and so on, just follow a simple colourful flowchart. No boring lengthy keys, no obscure species to lead you astray, no weird terminology to trip you up. Just answer simple questions about your mystery plant and trace your way down the flowchart to a solution. Each of the 170 plants included is illustrated and described. Glossary and explanatory diagrams on the back cover. 

ISBN 978-0-9934933-6-2

Start to Identify Composite Flowers  2021 Get to grips with the (supposedly) most difficult family of all: the Composite or Daisy Family. This is the ONLY book of its kind. No intimidating keys – just flowcharts to each group within the family plus lots of illustrations and tips to get your botanising off to a flying start!

ISBN 978-0-9934933-5-5

Start to Identify Sedges & Rushes

New for 2019. The simple way to discover how to distinguish many common rushes and sedges, without lengthy keys or microscopic details. Flowcharts and tables are clear and easy to use.

ISBN 978-0-9934933-3-1

Start to Identify Grasses – new expanded edition for 2020. Learn the easy way without complicated keys. Study the field characters of just 20 of the most common grass species, and home in on the right one by using our simple flowchart. 

ISBN 978-0-9934933-4-8

Flowers in the Field was published in 2010 by Whittet Books. Click on the image to read reviews from BBC Wildlife, British Wildlife, Plantlife Magazine etc.

ISBN 978-1-8735808-0-6


Pocket Guide to Wildflower Families 2017. The second edition of this best-selling field-friendly guide. It helps everyone from beginners upwards to identify all the commonest flowers in Britain, by using a flowchart to 50 families.

ISBN 978-0-9934933-1-7

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