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If you want to find, identify and enjoy wild flowers, this is your book – there's nothing else like it! This isn't just another field guide, but a complete introduction to the fascinating business of understanding our wild flowers. Written in friendly, non-technical language, it gives all the background information you need, over 176 pages, with 80 colour photos and 40 line drawings. Different designs and characteristics of plants, life-cycles, habitats, how to get involved and where to go for help.  Plus lots of extras including stories of unusual plants, how to use keys, choosing a field guide, plant photography, collecting, etc etc.


  • BBC Wildlife

    " . . . this practical book, meant as a companion to wildflower ID guides, does a great job of demystifying the subject."


    British Wildlife

    "The author has a clear but conversational style . . .  It is right up to date . . .  if you know of someone who is keen to learn more about wild flowers, then this is the ideal gift."


    Plantlife Magazine

    "It is thoroughly enticing . . .  a great opportunity to inspire more people to get out there and make more of their visits to the countryside."


    Scottish Field

    "Few can match this guidebook when it comes to conveying a true understanding of the multifarious families of flora . . .  a commendable methodical means of identification."


    Lancashire Lad in Wild About Britain

    " . . .  this, along with a suitable field guide, should provide much of what is needed to get a firm foothold on the botanical path."


    Naturenet – The Ranger's Blog

    ". . . an invaluable and friendly way to move towards a deeper understanding of the study of wild plants. . . . Recommended."

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